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Each year new teachers join the KRIS faculty bringing with them valuable ideas from their varied teaching experiences. This fosters the continued development of our school in order to meet the needs of our students. There are certain qualities we are looking for in recruiting our new faculty members and you are encouraged to review the information below to help you determine if KRIS is the right school for you.

In order to achieve our mission and philosophy, we seek to recruit highly qualified teachers and administrators who can support the mission of KRIS – to provide an outstanding international education which inspires students to reach their full potential and be successful and responsible global citizens.

KRIS seeks to hire a diverse range of qualified teachers (preferably holding a Master’s Degree) with at least three years of successful teaching experience in the field of application and is particularly interested in teachers who are:

  • Enthusiastic, energetic, and engaged role models who lead, inspire, and promote student learning through the example they set;
  • Knowledgeable about child development, subject area content, and contemporary trends;
  • Generous in sharing, collaborating, and communicating skills, knowledge and capacities;
  • Knowledgeable about best practices in assessing student learning;
  • Experienced in providing differentiated learning experiences;
  • Experienced and collaborative curriculum designers, versed in unit development and backward design;
  • Committed to developing students’ literacy skills, and integrating digital-age teaching and learning strategies across all subject areas;
  • Committed to sponsoring extracurricular and after school activities.

The Kenrich International School Chennai is committed to providing a salary and benefits package competitive with leading international schools. Contact us for more information.


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